PPP Project I(Jpn/Eng)
Instructor Namba Yu
Academic Year 2021Class Code XM22128101 Numbering code
Year of Study 1~3 Type of Class Seminar Credit 2
Schedule Fri7,Spring Campus OOTEMACHI Room Lecture room
Main Language English Courses by instructors with practical experience
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Learning implementation of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and economic development of local governments in Japan and other Asian countries through the regional developmentadvisory program RDAP and feasibility study of introducing PPP in regions and local governments in Japan and in Asia.

【Course Purpose and Description】

In classes, students will learn about the past Regional Development Advisory Program (RDAP) and in Japan and other Asian countries conducted. The class will conduct actual RDAP research upon request by a local government. This course also intends for a visit to a target area to conduct research and the submission of the final research report to the local host government. In this course, students will conduct research on economic development and PPP methods in actual local governments.

1. Study the past RDAP reports: Shiwa/Iwate, Toyama City, Miura City etc.
2. Study the past RDAP study of Asian countries such as Butuan including the Malaysian province of Kedah and Luang Namtha in Laos
3. Follow-ups from some cases
4. Actual RDAP

【Learning Objectives】

After learning about the implementation processes of PPP projects, each student will be able to execute the projects by themselves.


1. Class orientation
2. Explanation of research on the regional regeneration support program
3. Research on Regional Development Advisory Program (RDAP) conducted in the past: Review of the reports in Shiwa Town, Toyama City, and Miura City
4. Overseas RDAP review: Butuan, Laos study.
5. Research and presentation by students on the past RDAP studies
6. RDAP study of a region/local government
7. Background of the region and the project
8. Discussion and brainstorming of initial ideas
9. Analysis of the region
10. Learning from existing cases
11. Learning from existing cases
12. RDAP report writing
13. As above
14. Drafting a class report
15. Final discussion

*Schedule is subject to change.

【Instructional Methods】

Based on the report examples (books concerning PPP, teachers’ experiences and knowledge) of past regional development support programs, students will learn how to conduct research and write a report in line with respective local governments. Instructor will teach actual project of RDAP to the students of the local government, come up with a concept of regional regeneration methods and solutions for each local government, and conduct research on the feasibility of introducing PPP.

【Self-study before/after classes】

This course uses past RDAP cases appearing on the PPP page of the official website of Toyo University as its textbooks. Students can learn about them before and after class by accessing the website.

【Methods of Evaluation and Grading Criteria】

Contribution to the class: 40%
Project reports: 40%
Attendance rate: 20%

Students are required to attend at least 70% of the classes directly or remotely and to submit reports upon request.





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