PPP Omnibus Lecture Series II(English)
Instructor Namba Yu
Academic Year 2021Class Code XM22128601 Numbering code
Year of Study 1~3 Type of Class Lecture Credit 2
Schedule Wed7,Fall Campus OOTEMACHI Room Seminar room
Main Language English Courses by instructors with practical experience Type-A、Type-B
Subject category
Class frequency
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PPP project implementation and practices

【Course Purpose and Description】

The series is dedicated to provide brief overview of PPPs in Japan. Omnibus speakers will talk about a project/program associated with PPP. While PPP Omnibus lecture series① focuses on the practice and implementation, ② focuses on theoretical background and system related to PPP.

【Learning Objectives】

Students will gain:
Knowledge and familiarity with PPP projects/practices in Japan.


1st Overview of the series
2nd Development of PPP/PFIs in Japan 1 Regulatory development
3rd Development of PPP/PFIs in Japan 2 Actionplan and projects
4th Local administration in Japan
5th Contracting, principal agent theory and PPP
6th Financial planning
7th Venture capital
8th International cooperation through PPP projects
9th Infrastructure management
10th Infrastructure/architecture development through PPP
11th Cultural heritage and urban development
12th Local revitalization
13th City manager and leadership
14th TBD
15th students' presentation and wrap-up
*Lecture schedule may be modified based on students’ interests and request

【Instructional Methods】

Lecture and discussion

【Self-study before/after classes】

Not required

【Methods of Evaluation and Grading Criteria】

Participation and contribution to the class 60%
Final presentation 40%


No prerequisite


TBA (Omnibus speakers may provide some reading materials)

【Reference Materials】

TBA (Omnibus speakers may provide some reference materials)

【Related Study Fields and Courses】


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