Global PPP II(Jpn/Eng)
Instructor Namba Yu
Academic Year 2021Class Code XM22124901 Numbering code
Year of Study 1~3 Type of Class Lecture Credit 2
Schedule Wed6,Fall Campus OOTEMACHI Room Seminar room
Main Language English Courses by instructors with practical experience Type-A
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Global PPP Trends and Economic Development Studies

【Course Purpose and Description】

Study the last thirty or so years of PPP experience in US and Europe (UK and France, which have been facing rebuilding of their public infrastructure and facilities with financial restrictions. Their historical background, functions, its purpose and various PPP methods from the books and materials of NCPPP and ULI of US and Europe will be studied.
The classes analyze the books, data, materials and through case studies for their applications in Japan, which also suffers financial shortage for rebuilding of their infrastructure, facilities and the PPP methods for the economic development in Japan.

【Learning Objectives】

Obtain the world class knowledge on PPP from the studies of the world materials, data, books and case studies. Gain the knowledge of the world class economic development methods, which is essential for developing nations, by learning from the textbooks and through case studies. Then the students learn to apply the knowledge for Japanese local governments and Asian countries.


Class 1:Explanation of the class and how it will run
Class 2:History and Current Trends of PPP Developments in US and Europe
Class 3:Study the textbook: Ten Principals for Successful Public/Private Partnership by ULI of US(1-3)
Class 4:Same textbook(4-6)
Class 5:Same textbook(7-10)
Class 6:Textbook:Succesful PPP from princiles to practices by ULI(1-3)
Class 7:Same textbook (4-6)
Class 8:Same textbook (7-10)
Class 9:Discussion
Class 10:Textbook: Boom Town USA by Jack Schultz of US (1-3)
Class 11:Same textbook (4-6)
Class 12:Same textbook (7-10)
Class 13:Study of PPEA of Virginia
Class 14:Study of Contract City Sandy springs
Class 15:Final discussion
*The schedule is subject to change depending on the progress, discussion and students' interests.

【Instructional Methods】

Use the prepared textbooks to teach various world PPP and economic development to study. The class requires the students to study the materials and make presentation in the class.

【Self-study before/after classes】

Class material and textbooks are available for the students to learn before and after the classes and for their presentations.
Students are asked to fill in question sheet at every class, which the instructor responds in the following class.

【Methods of Evaluation and Grading Criteria】

Based on the established university guidelines and the participation of the students in the classes


The class requires at least 50% of all classes and required reports submission.


Ten Principles of Successful PPP by ULI
Successful PPPs--from Principles to Practices by ULI
Boomtown USA by Jack Shultz

【Reference Materials】

PPEA of Virginia
Creating the new ciy of Sandy Springs by Porter

【Related Study Fields and Courses】

Global PPP II、PPPプロジェクト演習、公民連携演習⑮
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